The Passion Behind a Solo Physician Practice

The Passion Behind a Solo Physician Practice

I have worked in healthcare since 1992, and as a physician since 2004. I obtained my doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 2004, and completed a family medicine residency at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. I have been in private practice since then, and formed my primary care practice Whole Life Medicine, PS in 2007. I worked alongside a holistic gynecologist Mary O’Connell MD and co-created with her a multi-disciplinary collaborative group practice called Balancing Health Integrative Medicine. Then in 2013 I joined Washington Urology & Urogynecology PLLC and developed the Northwest Institute for Healthy Sexuality, a specialty care center for people experiencing sexual concerns.

Now in 2020 I have launched Dr Serena Healthcare which encompasses all of the clinical care collectives I have fostered in the past, including evidence based holistic primary care, as well as expert subspecialty services for sexual complaints in men and women, healthy aging and menopause, as well as pelvic floor disorders and vulvar disease. I remain a proud affiliate of Washington Urology Associates Kirkland, WA.

Throughout the journey of my career, I have felt fortunate to work within many different practice structures, including multi-disciplinary and specialized group practices both small and large. I made the choice in 2020 to embark on a solo physician practice with limited staff for the following inspiration points:

  • Small practice size has been shown in studies to be associated with fewer preventable hospitalizations as patients experience improved ease of access to their solo physician, stronger clinical relationships, and improved continuity in their care.
  • A solo physician practice allows for reduced overhead costs, improving my ability to see fewer patients per day and create more meaningful interactions in longer visits. This allows for more deep and personal clinical interactions which is the greatest reward for me as a physician.
  • A solo physician model reduces communication barriers between the patient and the doctor. for outside office visit conversations regarding lab results, reminder to come back in
  • A solo physician model utilizes innovative medical technology platforms to allow patients to have unlimited access to the care and information they need, when they need it. Minimizing staff and replacing with an online vector vastly improves accessibility to important clinical information and educational materials.
  • As a solo physician, I have chosen to embrace information systems that can support my clinical efforts, and allow me to communicate evidence based standards of care more efficiently through patient portal, as well as have personal oversight to computerized care reminders, online clinical resources, have patient visits remotely, and interpret test results faster. I have taken oversight of nearly all clinical interactions into my own hands to facilitate more personalized medical care experience.
  • A solo physician model for me is founded on the concept of value based care that allows both myself as a physician to experience a vital clinical practice, and embrace a spirit of innovation in efforts to deliver exceptional personalized and individually tailored medical care.

In short, a solo physician model is how I believe I can be the best doctor I can be, and provide the most effective, personal healthcare available.

NAMS Menopause Practitioner
Dr. McKenzie is proud to be a certified NAMS Menopause Practitioner, which designates her as having expertise in the area of women’s health midlife and beyond. Dr McKenzie is committed to providing the highest clinical care standards for menopause practice, and providing optimal menopause-related health care.
Designation of ISSWSH Fellow (IF) signifies training in the interdisciplinary, collaborative management of Female Sexual Health of the highest clinical standards.
AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselors assist people with sexual concerns realistically resolve intimate challenges through the introduction of problem solving techniques of communication as well as providing accurate information and relevant suggestions of specific exercises and techniques in sexual expression.

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